To be a center of Excellence of international repute for Education, Training and research in Advanced Technologies with a view to strengthen national security and self reliance.


To evolve as an Innovative Unique Research University to develop indigenous contemporary Defence related technologies in Navigation Systems, Wireless Sensors, Efficient Propulsion Systems, Weapon Systems for DRDO and Defence Services, provide technological solutions to the Services to optimise combat battlefield effectiveness and above all produce qualified quality manpower which can truly become an instrument for building a strong indigenous technology base in the context of creating a performing Defence Industrial Base in India.

Quality Policy

Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DU) is committed to creating a center of Excellence for Education, Training and research in contemporary and futuristic Technologies by way of continual improvement and consistent Innovation in material as well as Intellectual Infrastructure towards customer’s delight.

Quality Objectives

  • To cultivate core Competencies in Basic & Applied Research in contemporary & Futuristic Technologies.
  • To attract and nurture Intellectual capital.
  • To maintain an Eco-Friendly and appropriate Academic Ambience.
  • To promote professional Development of personnel for productive performance.
  • To strengthen collaboration with the Armed Forces, Academia, R&D Institutions and Industry.
  • To generate adequate financial resources for sustainable Growth and Development.