Single Accommodation: Unmarried Faculty, Officers and students staying without family in station will be required to live in the Officers’ Mess. Officers are advised to bring along bedding with a mosquito net. No cooking is permitted in single officer’s accommodation.

Married Accommodation: There is deficiency of permanent married accommodation. All course officers / students will be put on waiting list for Permanent Accommodation and will be allotted permanent accommodation as per seniority of accommodations.

Temporary Married Accommodation:  Officers will be given temporary married accommodation in Multistoryed Complex /F Block (Single bedroom, drawing-cum-dining and kitchen). Limited parking facility is available in Multistoryed Blocks,

Temporary accommodation: All others (NGO’s ) will be given temporary accommodation in Bachelors Hostel / Type-II or Type-III accommodation as per entitlement.

Application for Married Accommodation: In case officers are interested in bringing their family to the station, they must apply for the married accommodation as per format at Appendix ‘E’. Family will be brought to the station only when accommodation is allotted/ confirmed by the Estate & Works Officer (E&WO) of this Institute.

Storage: Officers are advised to plan and pack their luggage according to the space available as there are no alternative arrangements for storage of luggage in the campus. Families are not permitted to stay in the Officers’ Mess.

Allotment: The DIAT Quartering Committee is the Competent Authority to recommend allotment of accommodation. The VC’s decision on the subject is final. The details of accommodation allotted will be communicated to each officer by E&WO in advance, if possible.

While taking over their quarter, officers must check the inventory carefully to avoid barrack damage later at the time of vacation. Special attention must be paid to hair line cracks on sanitary fittings, and brass or metal handles and stoppers of windows and doors

Furnishing: Furnishing material such as curtains, bed linen and bedspreads should be brought by officers themselves.

Own Arrangements: Permission for officers to live out under their own arrangements on rent reimbursement basis may be granted provided permission is sought well in advance. Officers who are granted such living out permission will, however, make their own arrangements for their conveyance to DIAT(DU). Late attendance for classes on this account will not be accepted. They will also be required to attend all regimental and other mess functions. All student officers will compulsorily be members of the Officers’ Mess

For More Details Please Contact Estate and Works Office.