Aims and Objectives: Provide inputs to Authorities and Officers of the Institute for Institute level policy administrative decision making for overall Management of the Institute and ensure proper application of policy/rules/guidelines through transparent and consistent means.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide all inputs to for administrative decision making by the DIAT authorities and Officers in the sphere of Management of the Institute with specific reference to General Management / Administration, Recruitments, Manpower, Establishment, Legal & Vigilance, Project sanctions, and allied human resources related matters, maintenance of APARs, Confidential matters, RTI matters, etc.
  • Communication of administrative decisions to the concerned. We are preparing Routine / Daily Orders, OMs, Office Orders, Sanction orders, etc.
  • Timely interventions for proper implementation of decisions, and to ensure transparent, even, and consistent application of rules and decisions across the DIAT community.
  • Provide support to achieve Institute goals by ensuring the free flow of communication and efficient use of resources throughout the organization.
  • Overall responsibility on all personnel matters of faculty and staff of the Institute.

Administration: Officers and Staff

Name Designation Contact 
Shri. S. Prakash
Dy. Registrar (Admin)

020 2460 4486

Experience: Retired as Joint Director (Admin) LRDE, DRDO, 38 years of the service experience in IA&AD, BRO & DRDO
Name Designation Contact
Mr. Amarjeet A Devidas Superintendent (Admin) 020 2460 4416
Mr. Pallav Kumar Sr. Assistant 020 2460 4418
Ms.Shamim Khan Assistant 020 2460 4416
Mr. Varadrajan S Assistant (Ex-Service) 020 2460 4417
Mr. Sushant L Assistant 020 2460 4417
Mr. Sanjay K Mane Assistant (Ex-Service) 020 2460 4415