All the students are hereby informed that Anti Ragging Day will be observed on 12th Aug 23 as a part of Anti-Ragging week which will be observed from 12th – 18th Aug, 2023.

Below are specifics on the activities that will be carried out as part of this and the participants in charge.

Date Activity Members responsible
12th Aug Address to students in the hostel Premises ARC
14th Aug Essay writing competition Dr. D Srikanth & Ms. K Prajakta
16th Aug Expert talk and Screening of Short film Prof. DG Thakur & Dr. TU Patro
17th Aug Poster and Logo Competition Dr. MJ Nene & Ms. K Prajakta
18th Aug. Cash Prize distribution and High Tea ARC

There will be 3 Prizes worth Rs. 5000/-, Rs.3000/- and Rs. 2000/- for each event to be conducted.

Everyone is urged to take part fully and help make the event a huge success. For more information, please get in touch with the appropriate individual.

Member Secretary, ARC

Anti-Ragging Committee

Name Designation e-mail Office Telephone No. Mobile No.
Prof.Sangeeta Kale Professor 020 2430 4508
Dr. Dinesh Singh Thakur Associate Professor 020 2430 4195 9096090173
Dr. D Srikanth Assistant Professor 020 2430 4385 7798229930
Mrs. Sunita Dhavale Assistant Professor 020 2430 4133
Mr. H.N.Sahu Deputy Registrar (Acd)


020 2430 4025 8275065944

Anti-Ragging Squad Committee

Name Designation e-mail Office Telephone No. Mobile No.
Mr. H.N. Sahu , Deputy Registrar (Acd) Nodal Officer 020 2430 4025 8275065944
Ms. Upasana Singh, Assistant Professor Member 020 2430 4134 9561660810
Mr. Abhilash, M.T., Assistant Professor Member 020 2430 4303 9923249906
Mr. K K Sawant, Assistant Professor Member 020 2430 4153