Academic Programms Offered By the Department

Programmes Title of the Programme Course Structure Accreditation
M.Tech Modelling & Simulation Word  file NBA
M.Tech Data Science Word file
Ph.D Applied Mathematics
MS by Research
Short Term Courses 1)     Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

3)     STTP on ACM

4)     IBM-SPSS Software Training

5)     MAPLE & MAPLESIM Software Training

6)     COMSOL-Multiphysics Software Training

Any Other

History and Growth of the Department:  The Department of Applied Mathematics came into existence with the Institute of Armament Studies’ inception in 1953 as Faculty of Applied Mathematics. The faculty constituted of three departments: (1) Applied Mathematics (2) Ballistics (3) Statistics. In 1991 the three departments merged into one and named it as Department of Applied Mathematics. The Department of Applied Mathematics offers a two-year Interdisciplinary programme: M. Tech. (Modelling & Simulation) and M. Tech. (Data Science) and also offers a Doctoral Degree programme in the areas of Applied Mathematics. The admissions to these programmes are open for under-sponsored (DRDO, DPSUs, Industry, and Tri-services, etc.) and all civilian students (Through GATE). The present strength of the Department is five. All faculties are experienced and well qualified from IIT / NIT with post-doctoral experience.

The Department’s vision:  To provide high-quality education, research, and training in Applied Mathematics and the Multidisciplinary area: “Modelling and Simulation” / Data Science for solving the complex problems / Data. 

The Department’s mission: To build strong teaching and research environment for basic and applied research with a thrust to defense-related problems.; To encourage and help the student’s community develop mathematical and statistical models and exploit available tools for solving real-life and defense-related issues.; To become a premier department in the country in “Modelling and Simulation” / Data Science and mathematics applications.; To provide high-quality education, research, and customized training in the area of “Modelling and Simulation” for DRDO Scientists, Service Officers, DPSU, and other civilian community.

M. Tech. (Modelling & Simulation): This program aims to provide training of in-depth knowledge of various modelling and simulation techniques and mathematical topics to multiple courses conducted at DIAT. Since then, the Department members have been actively involved in the research in different fields of applied mathematics such as Numerical Methods and Optimization, Image Processing, ballistics, flight dynamics, hydrodynamics, hydro-ballistics. The Department has recently developed advanced Modelling and Simulation techniques like Neural networks, Fuzzy Logic, and Genetic Algorithm. The Department also has expertise in the field of Statistics, Probability, and Cryptography. The M.Tech (Modelling & Simulation) programme students will undergo basic training in the subjects related to mathematical modelling & simulation through classroom teaching in the first and second year. During this period, the student is also exposed to various simulation tools and practicals. The Course curriculum will be updated periodically to keep pace with contemporary technological advancement. The Department is also actively engaged in handling various agencies like DRDO / ISRO / I.I.T.M / I.I.T / 3DPLM – Dassault Systems / Bharat Forge / BEL / L&T etc.The Department is actively supporting the Institute’s overall academic growth and development in academics and administration. The Department has projects in the field of Modelling & Simulation. After completing their programme, the students are placing in various R&D organizations / Software field and registering for Ph.D. in highly reputed organizations like IITs.

M. Tech. (Data Science): This programme was started in the academic year 2020-21. Data Science is the combination of statistics, mathematics, programming, problem-solving, capturing data in ingenious ways, the ability to look at things differently, and the activity of cleansing, preparing, and aligning the data. This programme aims to train the student undergoes basic training in the subjects (Core and Elective) related to probability and statistics, inference, regression, optimization, statistical simulation and data analysis, sampling theory (Math and Statistics); management decision analysis, decision models, game theory (IME, Economics), programming, algorithms, operating systems, databases, signal processing, machine learning, and data mining techniques of data science (C.S., E.E.). Information Theory (information, entropy, conditional information, coding), Multi-resolution (multirate) signal processing (wavelets, pyramids), ANN, SVM, Image Processing and Video Analytics, Projection pursuit Artificial Intelligence and DSS through classroom teaching in the first and second year. During this period, the student is also exposed to various simulation tools and practicals. In addition to this, a course entitled “Data Science with Industrial Perspectives” is mandatory to audit the course. This course aims to attend the specialist’s talk(s) on various disciplines handling Big data. In this, the students will have exposure to interact with experts and further exposure to give presentations to choose the topic as per their choice relevant to Data Science. Course curriculum will be updated periodically to keep pace with contemporary technological advancement.

Research Areas: The Department faculty members have been actively involved in the research in different fields of applied mathematics: Mathematical Modelling & Simulation, Image Processing, Finite Element Analysis in Fluid Flow through Porous Media, Bio-Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Boundary Layer Theory, Nanofluids, ballistics, flight dynamics, hydro-dynamics, hydro-ballistics, Partial Differential Equations & its Applications, Numerical Methods for PDEs, Numerical Parallel Algorithms and Parallel Computing, Cryptography, Machine Learning.

Laboratories: The Dept. of Applied Mathematics of DIAT (DU) has Modelling and Simulation / Data Science Lab with advanced software(s) like COMSOL Multi-Physics, MATLAB & SIMLINK, MATHEMATICA, MAPLE & MAPLESIM, IBM-SPSS Statistics softwares.

Faculty Members:

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Contact Information Email ID Profile Picture View Profile
1 Dr. Krishna Murthy Somanchi Professor 02024604472 view
2 Dr. Odelu Ojjela Associate Professor 02024604474 view
3 Dr. D. Srikanth Associate Professor 02024604475 view
4 Dr. Debasish Pradhan Associate Professor 02024604476 view
5 Dr. Bharath Ramkrishna Assistant Professor 02024604477 view
6 Dr. Yogeshwar Singh Dadwhal Assistant Professor 02024604479 view

Departmental Awards & Recognition

  • M.Tech. (Modelling & Simulation) Programme has been accredited for three years by the National Board of Accredited (NBA).