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Online Training and Certification Courses on “Cyber Security” and “AI & ML”: Second Batch

First batch of the Online Training and Certification Courses on “Cyber Security” and “AI & ML” by DIAT is successfully complete.

The second batch will be launched in the third week of February 2021. Details of this batch of the courses titled “DIAT Certified Information Assurance Professional” and “DIAT Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional” will be published on & soon.

Academic Programms Offered By the Department

Programmes Title of the Programme Course Structure Accreditation
M.Tech Cyber Security Download UGC/AICTE
M.Tech Artificial Intelligent Download UGC/AICTE
MS by Research
Short Term Courses
  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligent and
  • Machine Learning
Any Other

 History and Growth of the Department 

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in 1987. Initially, it was conducted on short term courses. The M.Tech programme was introduced in the year 2010. Currently, it has seven experienced faculty members.  The department offers M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering for officers from DRDO, the services, and the general public, MS by Research and Ph.D. programme. The current plan is outlined to understand, assimilate & use the advanced technologies to design and develop software and hardware. Department started M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering with a specialization in Cyber Security from July 2011.
The programme’s objective is to develop human resources in the field of Cyber Security with a thrust on defense-related problems. Advanced technologies from four different domains like wired and wireless networking, Cryptography, Digital Forensic techniques have been selected. The course also introduces the concepts of Network Centric Warfare and Information Security Management Systems. After the end of the course, the student can understand various advanced technologies related to Information Security, Incident Responses, Digital Evidence Analysis, Cyber Attacks, Design, and Development of secure systems.

Vision of the Department:

  • To be a center of excellence of international repute to provide high quality education,research and training in the area of Cyber Security (CS) & Artificial intelligence {Al) to promote innovation and entrepreneurship skills amongst the students with a view to strengthen National Security & Self Reliance.

Mission of the Department:

  • To build strong education, teaching and research environment in the field of CyberSecurity (CS) and Artificial lntelligence (Al) to meet requirements from defence, specially related to national
  • To strive for continuous learning, innovation, entrepreneurship and quality-research culture amongst the student community through effective government,industry & academia
  • To encourage ethics, team work and technological leadership skills amongst students to solve complex engineering problems collaboratively by imparting strong theoretical foundation complemented with extensive practical
  • To develop high quality indigenous technological solutions catering to defence and civil needs by carrying out multidisciplinary collaborative research.

Faculty Members

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Contact Information Email ID Profile Picture View Profile
1 Dr. Manisha J Nene Assistant Professor and HoD 02024304135 view
2 Dr. CRS Kumar Professor 02024304131 view
3 Dr. Arun Mishra Assistant Professor 02024304341 view
4 Dr. Sunita Dhavale Assistant Professor 02024304133 view
5 Dr. Upasna Singh Assistant Professor 02024304134 view
6 Dr. Deepthi Vidhyarthi Assistant Professor 02024304137 view

Research Areas 

  • Cyber Security
  • Wired and Wireless Networking
  • Cryptography
  • Digital Forensic Techniques
  • Network Centric Operation
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Digital Watermarking and Steganography
  • Biometrics
  • Mobile Computing
  • Malware Analysis
  • Program Analysis
  • Verification & Validation
  • Operating Systems

 Description of Laboratories

  • Secure systems design
  • Advanced Computing Laboratory
  • Digital Forensic Laboratory
  • Large Scale Simulation Laboratory
  • WSN Lab
  • Malware analysis lab


  • The department has marvellous computing facilities which include Pentium based computer systems, scanners, laser printers, software as well as hardware.
  • The department is well equipped with fully centralised air conditioned aboratory and Advanced Computing Laboratory with the Internet connection to all the system. All systems are connected to the departmental Local Area Network is a part of the institute CROWN Network.


  • Department has started to offer M.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering with the Specialization Cyber Security in the year 2011.
  • Conducted many short term target courses
  • Department has started to offer M.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering with the Specialization Artificail Intelligence in the year 2020


 Departmental Awards & Recognition

Other Information