Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT); from the name itself, it is evident that the institution’s prime focus is on advanced research. DIAT gives the highest priority to applied research and is equipped with expertise and experience to deliver the highest quality output. DIAT recognizes and promotes Industrial consultancy and sponsored research as instrumental for close collaboration between Academia and Labs/industries. It harbors highly experienced scientists and academicians of distinguished global reputation and state of the art research facilities. Office of Dean (SR) superintends all the facets of the sponsored research carried in the DIAT for civil and defence projects.

Dean (SR), Heading the office, is responsible for facilitating the following

  • Facilitating the timely execution of Sponsored projects
  • Channelizing Funding opportunities.
  • Administrative support.
  • Management of Faculty, researchers, and support staff concerning eternal projects.
  • Training of external staff and exchange of expertise.

Sponsored research is an excellent opportunity for academia, research labs, and industry to collaborate with many mutual positives. Student researchers’ participation in a live project reduces the gap between academia and industry, producing a more employable workforce. This makes a significant contribution to nation-building and promotes the MAKE IN INDIA initiative of the government.

Dr. Sashi Kanta Panigrahi

Professor & Dean (SR)