Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune


Established u/s 3 of the UGC act 1956. 

MHRD, Government of India  has placed DIAT (DU) in Category 'A' Deemed University  & 'NAAC' and NBA Accredited

(An Autonomous Organization, Department of Defence Research & Development, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India)



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DATA Center

DATA Center

Data Centre is providing following services in the Campus

CROWN (Computing Resources over Wired Network)

A data centre with 10 Gbps backbone network facility has been set up in the technical campus for providing present and future IT and computing requirements of DIAT (DU). Some of the salient features of this facility are:10 Gbps backbone connectivity; 1 Gbps connectivity to desktops; IT consolidation in Data Centre; SAN storage and Blade Servers; Network Security and Content Caching; 45 Mbps leased Line internet connectivity. Access to online library database and e-journals-local mail and web server.

The network is based on the three tier architecture with core distribution and access layer switches. All the important places like the POINTS building; Computer Engineering Department etc. have been connected by 10Gbps connectivity with redundant 1Gbps links in case of failure. Data Centre provides various facilities like centralized SAN storage, Application Servers, Web Servers and Mail Servers etc. Various Security Measures like Gateway Antivirus Software, UTM device, Fire, and Alarm and Access Control Systems have been installed for protecting the network and data centre from unauthorized access from.

Campus wide Network:

Internet is provided to all the Students, Faculty members, Officers and Scientists staying in DIAT (DU) campus.

DIAT Wi-Fi Network:

Full wireless coverage is currently provided at DIAT (DU) campus, it covers   academic buildings, technical area, Points Hostel and Guest House area. This is controller based Wi-Fi network, currently manages more than 100 dual-band 802.11n Access Points, capable of providing seamless high speed internet connectivity to over 1000 users. This Campus-wide Wi-Fi network will help the students and faculty members to access to e-learning resources anytime anywhere using smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. Instructions for connecting to the Internet through the Wi-Fi network, including how to configure and register laptops and mobile devices, are also available on the DIAT (DU) website.

NKN Facility:

The NKN comprises of an ultra-high speed CORE (multiples of 10 Gbps), complimented with a distribution layer at appropriate speeds. The network is designed to support Overlay Networks, Dedicated Networks, and Virtual Networks. Advanced applications in areas such as Health, Education, Science & Technology, Grid Computing, Bio informatics, Agriculture, and Governance will be an integral part of NKN. The entire network seamlessly integrates with the global scientific community at multiple gigabits per second speed. The purpose of such a knowledge network goes to the very core of the country's quest to build quality institutions with requisite research facilities and create a pool of highly trained persons. The NKN while impacting the existing academic and student community will also alter the R&D landscape for future generations.

DIAT has 100 Mbps Leased Line for the Purpose of NKN. Data Centre has provided NKN Lab as well as this network is provided through LAN also.

Video Conference and Virtual Class Room:

Data Centre has newly developed Virtual Class Room to conduct interactive online lectures and meetings. It can support HD quality video streaming and video recording facility as well.

Video Conference room is used to conduct online meetings and lectures through DRDO labs spread all over the country. It works on dedicated DRONA network which is used by DRDO labs only.


DIAT Web Server:

DIAT has its own website with dns run by data centre. Web Site displaying information about DIAT campus, departments, faculty members, facilities and It links to some of the other useful applications like DIAT mail login, library server, recruitment, MMG dept, RO, COE, Admission process etc.

DIAT Mail Server:

DIAT has provided its own mail service for students, faculty members and staff members. Mail service is available on Intranet and Internet simultaneously.

Dedicated Application Software Servers (Antivirus and Mat Lab)

Latest Mat Lab Server is running at data centre and all clients are connected to it through LAN. Data Centre also provided centralized server for Symantec Antivirus protecting all of the clients throughout the LAN.

DRONA facility:

DRDO has provided its own network known as DRONA, which connected through all of the labs in the country. This facility is limited for DRDO Scientists/Officers studying or working in the campus. Data Centre has major role to provide this facility in the campus.

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Phone No.

Chairman , Data Center

Prof.K P Ray

020 2430 4145


Credentials for Internet Access Requistion Form

OIC,Data Centre and Security and Information Officer Dr. Arun Mishra 020-2430 4341 Requisition Form for E-mail Account Creation

DRONA  In-Charge

Ms. Deepti Vidyarthi

020 2430 4137

DIAT Website and E-mail Server Support

Mr.Shrikant Kawade

020 2430 4277

020 2430 4276

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