Academic Programms Offered by the Department’

Programmes Title of the Programme Course Structure Approving & Accreditation Authority
M.Tech Mechanical Engineering Download; Download; Download AICTE
Specialization in Marine; Armament and Combat Vehicles; Mechanical System Design
Ph.D Ongoing
MS (by Research) Ongoing
Short Term Courses
Any Other

History and Growth of the Department

Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (Deemed University), Pune, consisting of nine Departments and three Schools at present imparting education, training, research, and development with an emphasis on defence technology. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the important departments in the Institute since 1976. Presently, the department is offering unique, specialized programmes in the country, namely Armament and Combat Vehicle (ACV), Marine, Robotics, and Mechanical System Design (MSD) at the Post Graduate level besides Ph.D. and Master of Science (By Research) programmes. These programmes are open for all students under sponsored (DRDO, DPSUs, Industry, and Tri-services, etc.) and general categories. The placement history of our M Tech students is at par with that of premier Institutes/Universities within the country. The department covers various mechanical engineering disciplines and reaches out to diverse application areas, including armaments, combat vehicles, marine engineering, space, control, and many others. The department has many highly qualified and reputed faculty strengths and has exposure with a broad experience in various research areas. Such as Composite materials/structures, Impact dynamics of composite structures, Repairing technology and Life assessment of composite structures, Mechanical behavior of materials for Defense applications, High-speed machining/green machining of aerospace materials, CFD, Two-Phase Flow, Vehicle dynamics and Condition monitoring, etc. The department is well equipped with high-end research facilities, such as a miniature gas turbine test facility, PIV system, High-Performance Computing facility in mechanical system design and analysis. The department possessed many latest licensed version software on modelling, analysis, and design of components/parts/sub-assembly/structures, machines, mechanisms, etc. In the past and most recently, the department has completed/continuing many outstanding research and development sponsored projects funded by various Government agencies with importance to defense such as CFD analysis of the HP turbine of Kaveri engine, FE analysis of the suspension system of ICV Abhay, and Iong range mortar (120 mm), etc. The department is also aiming to carry out R & D projects on Ballistic Penetration of Armour materials, Design and Development of Spar Wingskin Joint for Integral Structural Construction of Aircraft wings and Development of nano-filler (NF)/polymer composites for armour applications, etc. The Department is actively contributing to the Institute’s overall academic growth and development in terms of administration. For the last many years, the department has almost 25 percent of the Institute student strength. 

Vision of the Department: 

The Department endeavours to become Centre of Excellence in Armaments & Combat vehicles, Marine engineering, Mechanical Systems Design, and Robotics.

Mission of the Department:

To impart advanced training, update knowledge, and develop skillset required for R&D, design, development, production, quality assurance, and inspection of efficient and economical equipment/systems of armament, combat vehicles, marine and robotic systems for DRDO, Defence Services and other industries.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: Provide basic and advanced technical knowledge to students in the field of Armament and Combat Vehicles, Marine Engineering and Mechanical System Design, and Robotics.

PEO2: Students should be capable to undertake R&D, inspection, testing and evaluation of equipment/systems of Combat vehicles, Armament, Marine, and Robotic systems and other industries.

Program Outcomes (POs)

PO1: An ability to independently carry out research /investigation and development work to solve practical problems

 PO2: An ability to write and present a substantial technical report/document

 PO3: Students should be able to demonstrate a degree of mastery over the area as per   the specialization of the program. The mastery should be at a level higher than the requirements in the appropriate bachelor program

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO1: The specific outcome of the program is to provide human resources equipped with advanced applied knowledge in the field of armaments & combat vehicle technology, marine engineering and mechanical system design to fulfill the needs of DRDO, Army, Navy and Defence PSU’s and other industries thereby making the country self-reliance.

PSO2: To be able to apply advanced engineering principles and concepts to design of equipment/systems of Armament & Combat vehicles, Marine and other industries within realistic constraints.

PSO3: To be able to design and device new procedures to arrive at a solution for design or troubleshooting problems at the system/component level.

Faculty Members:

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Contact Information Email ID Profile Picture View Profile
1 Dr. Sashi Kanta Panigrahi Professor,        Dean (SR) 02024604542 view
2 Dr. A. Kumaraswamy Professor &      Dean (SA) 02024604543 view
3 Dr. Dineshsingh G Thakur Professor & HOD. Director,School of Robotics 02024604541 view
4 Dr. Sunil Chandel Associate Professor 02024604545 view
5 Dr. Sunil Nimje Assistant Professor 02024604546 view
6 Dr.Pankaj Kumar Sharma Scientist ‘É’ on Deputation 02024604548 view
7 Dr. Pankaj M Nadge Assistant Professor 02024604547 view
8 Ms. Prajakta Koratkar Assistant Professor (On Contract) 02024604549 view

Technical Staff

Sr. No Name of the Technical staff Designation Qualification Current Responsibility Email ID
1 Mr. Prajith P Laboratory Officer BSc Polymer Chemistry, MSc Chemistry, PGD-PPT, PGD-HRM
  • Monitoring and coordination of laboratory activities of department,
  • Member of IP Cell and Cafeteria management committee
  • Inventory holder Mech.
2 Mr.Abhijeet Kamble Sr. Laboratory Assistant B.E.(Computer)
  • Providing Tech. Support / Administrative Assistance.
3 Mr. Amol Indalkar Laboratory Assistant B E (Mechanical), Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Vibration and stress analysis Laboratory
  • Mechanical testing Laboratory
4 Mr. Bhushan Lokhande Laboratory Assistant B.E. Mechanical, DME
  • Precision Engg. Lab
  • Metal matrix composite material lab
  • 3D Printing Lab and workshop
5 Ravikiran Motankar Laboratory Assistant B.A., ITI,DEE.
  • Thermal and Fluid lab
  • Coating lab.
  • Supporting POINTS course/FDP
6 Shilpa S Vanarase Assistant MBA, M.Com
  • Routine correspondence, maintain files, Maintain students data.
  • Maintaining department Library

Research Areas 

  •  Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) simulation of blast resistant structures
  • Design and analysis of blast protection devices such as blast valves, blast doors etc.
  • Analysis and Design of Composite Structures
  • Functionally Graded Adhesively Bonded Joint Structures
  • Bonded Patch repair for damaged FRP composite structures
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Micromanufacturing/Micromachining of “Difficult to cutmaterials” Surface Engineering. Additive Manufacturing
  • Strain-rate dependent deformation Behavior of Materials for Defence Applications.
  • Nano/Micro Mechanical Behavior of Wear Resistant/Abradable Coatings, micro/ nanostructures for Defence Applications.
  • Contact Mechanics Phenomenon in reciprocating hydraulic Seals in Defence applications
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  •  High strain rate experimental analysis using Shock Tube
  • Experimental study of explosive storage/ hardened structures under blast loading
  • Robot navigation
  • Internet of drone things
  • Automation and drive control system design
  • Actuators and control
  • Active & Passive flow separation control
  • Two Phase flow
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Engineering Fluid Flows
  • Heat Transfer & fluid dynamics
  • CAD/CAM/Robotics
  • Manufacturing Consideration in Design
  • Fabrication, Characterization and Processing of Composite Materials.
  • High speed machining/green machining of aerospace materials, Precision Robotic Welding of Aerospace Materials.



Sr. No. Name of Laboratory Lab Incharge Lab Staff Room No
1. Vibration and Stress Analysis Laboratory Dr. A Kumaraswamy Mr. Amol Indalkar B066
2. Mechanical Testing Laboratory Dr. Sunil Nimje Mr. Amol Indalkar B054
3. Mechanical System Design & Analysis Laboratory Dr. Sunil Nimje Mr. Abhijeeth Kamble B151
4. Fluid & Thermal Engineering Laboratory Dr. Sunil Chandel Mr. Ravikiran Motankar B170-A
5. Precision Engineering Laboratory Dr. D G Thakur Mr. Bhushan Lokhande B069
6. Metal Matrix Composite Manufacturing Laboratory Dr. D G Thakur Mr. Bhushan Lokhande B067
7. 3D Printing and Workshop Dr. D G Thakur Mr. Bhushan Lokhande FTL
8. Robotics Laboratory Ms. Prajakta Koratkar Mr Abijeeth Kamble B051


  • M.Tech (Armament and Combat Vehicles) has been accredited for 6 years by National Board of Accreditation (NBA).
  • M.Tech (Marine Engineering) has been accredited for 6 years by National Board of Accreditation (NBA).
  • First batch of M.Tech programme with a specialisation in Robotics have passed out and were awarded degrees during 9th convocation held on 28th May, 2017.
  • New M.Tech programme in Mechanical Engineering with a specialisation in Mechanical System Design has been started from 2016-17 academic year.
  • Master of Science by Research programme has been restarted from the academic year 2016-17.


  • R &D (Engineers), Pune
  • ARDE,  Pune
  • HEMRL, Pune
  • IIT, Indore
  • Indian Army
  • Indian Coast Guard
  • Indian Navy
  • IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, IIT Bombay and IIT Madras
  • Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)


  •  SERC Chennai
  • MS IndiTech Valve Pvt. Ltd.
  • VIT Vellore
  • MIT WPU Pune
  • AR&DB New Delhi
  • NITTE Manglore
  • DMRL, Hyderabad, Telangana
  • R&DE (Engrs.), Dighi, Pune
  • ARDE, Pune
  • NMRL, Ambernath, Mumbai
  • HEMRL, Pune


Name of the Faculty Awards & Recognition
Dr. S. K. Panigrahi
  • Editorial Board Member of Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives (RAA), Scrivener Publishing House, USA.
  • Innovations in Corrosion and Materials Science (ICMS)
  • Current Smart Materials (CSM)
  • Distinguished Scientist in Composite Structures Award by Venus International Research Foundation, Chennai, 2018.
  • Innovative Technological Research   & Dedicated   Professor Award by JETR-JETMS Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2017.
  • Fellow, Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME), 2017.
Dr. A. Kumaraswamy
  • Short listed as Member for AICTE Expert committee, 2020
  • Recipient of National Technology Day Oration award, DRDO, 2015
  • Honorary Associate member, 3D printing world Expo, Mumbai 2015
  • Listed in Who’s is Who in the World (29th edition), 2012
Dr. D G Thakur
  • Nominated for best paper award at “World Congress on Engineering-2009, London”.
  • Nominated for “Bharat Shiksha Ratan Award” (2016).
  • Nominated for “Bharat Jyoti Award” (2016).
Dr. Sunil Chandel
  • Selected under the Program for Foreign Researchers of the Exchange Program for East Asian Young Researchers Fund of Japan Society for the promotion of Science.

Sponsored R & D Projects

  • Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Formability of Thin Metal Foils in Micro Forming for Aerospace Applications funded by Aerospace Research development Board (ARDB)
  • Low cost mechanical ventilator funded by DIAT (DU)
  • Bed Isolation System (AASHRAY) funded by DIAT (DU)
  • Nonlinear finite element analysis of composite valve funded by NMRL/DRDO
  • Surface integrity studies during Milling of Aluminum- Lithium alloys used in Aerospace applications for improved functional Performance funded by Aerospace Research development Board (ARDB)
  • Analysis and Design of 3D printed Automobile Leaf Spring funded by DIAT (DU)
  • Optimization of skin and rib (spar) stiffness for an optimum performance of cocured Spar Wing skin Joints (SWJ) in pull off mode funded by Aerospace Research development Board (ARDB)
  • ‘Numerical Modeling of Tribological characteristics of high pressure reciprocating hydraulic seals subjected to shock loading’ funded by R&DE(Engrs), Pune.
  • ‘Numerical investigation of penetration characteristics of preformed fragments at various obliquity angles and the development of software for prediction of spatial distribution of preformed fragments from a Directional Fragment Generator Warhead (FGW)’ funded by ARMREB (DRDO).
  • Numerical and Experimental study of an Al-Li alloy based MMCs for skin and stringers of an aircraft fuselage structure funded by Aerospace Research development Board (ARDB)  -NEW DELHI


  • Training on Certified software Quality Engineer (CSQE) of ASQ for DQR&S DRDO 03 Feb – 14 Feb 2020
  • Short Term Programme on Technology and Design of Fuzes for IOFS Officers. 22 July – 02 Aug 2019
  • One Week CEP on Computational Methods in Solids and Fluids. 01-05 Mar 2019


  • Bearing Fault Detector. Application No. 201621003344. The Patent Office Journal, India. 2016 May 27: 20909 (Inventors – Panigrahi, S.K. and Tyagi, S.,. doi: 6084/m9.figsm hare.4753606. v2.
  • Robotic gripper with over constrained linkages (201911048961) – (Inventors – Esha Chakraborty and A. Kumaraswamy)
  • A Composition for manufacturing a building material (201911049518)- (Inventors – P.K.Mehta and A.Kumaraswamy)