Executive Committee of Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DU) Alumni Association (DIATAA)

Position on the board  Name of nominee E-mail Alumni Membership No. Course and Year of Passing Department
Vice Presidents Dr.G Sudhir Kumar L-517 Ph.D (2018) Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Vice President Dr.Bhavnesh Panchal L-103 M.Tech (2014) Aerospace Engineering
Gen. Secretary Dr.Sunil Nimje L-1410 Ph.D (2015) Mechanical Engineering
Joint Secretary Dr.Adarsh Kodhanda L-900 Ph.D (2018) Aerospace Engineering
Treasurer Dr.Deepti Vidyarthi L1136 Ph.D (2020) Computer Science & Engineering
Executive Member Mr.Deepak Lekhi L-120 M.Tech (2015) Aerospace Engineering
Mr.Ganesh Y. Bangar L-691 M.Tech (2018) Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Mr. Gurusewak Singh L-123 M.Tech (2015) Electronics Engineering
Bachchan Kumar Mishra L-067 M.Tech (2014) Aerospace Engineering
Dr.Sagar S Salwe L-101 M.Tech (2014) Electronics Engineering
Vishnupriya D L-057 M.Tech(2014) Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Shad Ahmed Ansari L-109 M.Tech (2014) Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Manisha Nene L-1412 Ph.D (2014) Computer Science & Engineering
Dr.Sunita Dhavale L-222 Ph.D (2015) Computer Science & Engineering
Dr.Nitesh K Bharadwaj L-1013 Ph.D (2020) Computer Science & Engineering

DIAT Alumni Association Committee:

Name Designation Department Telephone
Dr. S.S.Sirurmath, Chairman University Librarian & Associate Member of DIATAA 02024304231
Dr. Sunil Nimje, Member Asst. Professor & Life Member of DIATAA 02024304204
Dr. Manisha Nene Member Asst. Professor & Life Member of DIATAA 02024304135
Dr. Sunita Dhavale Member Asst. Professor & Life Member of DIATAA 02024304133
Finance Officer, Internal Auditor

DIATAA Administrative  Staff:

Name Designation Department Telephone
Ms. Madhuri Sorate Sr. Library Assistant IC&L 02024304233
Mr. Vishwas Sangode Tradesman IC&L 02024304233