The School of Quantum Technology (SQT) goals at DIAT are two-fold: Create/train the next generations of Scientists and Engineers in the field of Quantum science and technology and take up research and development in all verticals of quantum technology, viz. Quantum computing, communication, metrology, and imaging. M.Tech and Research Scholars are exposed to both student-level and high-end research equipment. The theory lectures are tightly integrated with experimental demonstrations. The students build their experiments, starting with essential components. The data is analyzed and interpreted by them, which enables the relationship between theory and practice. Our emphasis is on the areas of Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum communication through free-space and optical fibers, Cold atom physics for sensing and computation, Quantum simulations, machine learning, and Quantum accelerator development with FPGA. In the coming year, we will install a femtosecond laser system to generate exotic quantum states of light, developing cluster states and optical cavities for various applications. We are also in the process of setting-up quantum imaging facilities. The School of Quantum Technology also collaborates closely with the School of Radar and electronics. It is working on developing long-distance free-space optical communication links to transfer audio, video, and text data. We are also working with them on developing photonic radar and plasma antennas. Please click the link below for detailed information on the School of Quantum Technology. 

School of Quantum Technology