Name Dr. Dineshsingh G Thakur
Highest Qualification DME, BE (MECH), M. TECH. (IITM), PH. D. (IITM)
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(Brief Description / Abstract) :

Dr. Dineshsingh G. Thakur joined as Associate Professor in 2011 and was promoted as Professor during 2018. Presently he is a  HOD  of  Mechanical Engineering, and having additional responsibility as a Director, Centre for Training & Placement (CTP), DIAT (DU) Pune. Before joining the institute, he served as Asst. Professor at Dr. B. A. Technological University (Govt. of Maharashtra), Raigad. 


2009; PhD

2001; M.Tech

1996; B.E

Professional Experience (Institution, Position and Period):

  • Asst. Professor. Dr. B. A. Technological University (Govt. of Maharashtra)-Raigad-402103 (MS). 1996 - 2011.
  • Associate Professor. Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (Deemed to be University), DRDO, Pune-25. 2011 - 2018.
  • Professor. Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (Deemed to be University), DRDO, Pune-25. 2018 - Till date

Research Domains:

  • CAD/CAM/Robotics.
  • Manufacturing Consideration in Design.
  • Fabrication, Characterization and Processing of Composite Materials.
  • High-speed machining/green machining of aerospace materials, Precision Robotic Welding of Aerospace Materials.
  • Micromanufacturing/Micromachining of “Difficult to cut materials”.
    Surface Engineering.
  • Additive Manufacturing

Specific Projects:

  • MMC for Nuclear Applications
  • Electroless Coating for Marine Applications
  • Establishment of efficient Machinability aspect of Aerospace Alloys.
  • Dynamic Analysis of Aero couplins
  • Impact Analysis of composite Armour plates
  • DFMA analysis of APFSDS

Research Collaborations:

  • VIT Vellore
  • MIT WPU Pune
  • AR&DB New Delhi
  • NITTE Suratkal 

Ph.D Thesis Supervision:

Name of Student



S Nagesh

Sc É’ CVRDE-Chennai

Study on the dynamic characteristics of combat aircraft high-speed flexible coupling.




Ritesh Raj

Processing, Characterization, and Mechanical Behavior of Boron Carbide Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites.


Imran Ansari

Experimental Investigations on Surface Properties of Electroless Ni-P/ZnO Composite Coatings on AZ91 Magnesium Alloy.



M.Tech. Dissertation Supervision:

  • Transmission And Reflection Of Lamb Waves In Delaminated Composite     Structure. 2012
  • Cfd Analysis Of Effect Of Surface Roughness On The Performance Of Turbo Machinery 2012
  • Design Of Multistage Axial Flow Compressor Using Optimization Method 2013
  • Fem Impact Analysis Of Projectile On Composite Material Ceramic (Al2o3)-Steel (4340) Composite Armour 2014
  • Parametric Optimization And Evaluation Of Electroless Nickel Coating From Tribological Aspects For Marine Application-A Taguchi Approach 2014
  • Selective Investigation Of The Surface Characteristics/Properties Of Duplex Coating (Plasma Nttriding+Pvd Tin Coating) Applied To Defence Material. 2014
  • Fabrication And Characterization Of Graphite Reinforcement In Aluminium Alloy Based Mmc For Marine Application (Journal Bearing) 2015
  • Optimization Of Process Parameters For Electroless Nickel Coating Using Rsm 2015
  • An Investigation Of High-Temperature Corrosion And Degradation Of Boiler Combustion Component (Swirler) For Marine Application 2015
  • Optimization Of Armour Of Improvised Light Bullet Proof Vehicle By Finite Element Simulation 2015
  • To Investigate The Effect Of Tool Geometries On The Distribution Of Heat Profile During Friction Stir Welding Of Aluminum Alloy (Al 2024-T6) Using Abaqus 2016
  • Numerical & Experimental Analysis Of Acceleration Shock Pulse On Heavy Mass Test Object For Defence Applications 2016
  • Effect Of Ph On Electroless Nickel-Phosphorus-Al2o3 / Zno Composite Deposits On Mild Steel Substrate
  • For Marine Applications 2016
  • Experimental Investigation Of The Effect Of Infill Parameters On Flexural Properties Of 3d Printed Bio-Inspired Structural Members 2017
  • Micromechanical Modelling Of Fiber And Particle Reinforced Metal Matrix Composite 2017
  • Optimization Of Space Craft And Satellite Antenna Reflector Made Of Sandwiched Aluminium Honeycomb And Composite 2017
  • Fabrication And Characterisation Of Ceramic Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Based Metal Matrix Composite 2017
  • Parametric Optimization For Asp-30 Tool Steel On Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Using Taguchi Technique 2017
  • Design Optimisation Of Avionics Rack 2018
  • Structural Analysis Of Vehicle Hull Subjected To Blast Loading 2018
  • Electrctroless Coating For Marine Applications 2018
  • Micro-Mechanical Modelling Of B4c And Sic Particulate Reinforced In 8090 Al-Li Alloy Metal Matrix Composite 2018
  • Analytical And Experimental Studies On Cryogenic Plate Fin Heat Exchanger For Helium Liquefier 2018
  • Structural Analysis Shell 125mm High Explosive Ammunition 2018
  • Investigation Of Rake Angle And Depth Of Cut Effects On Orthogonal Micromachining Process Using Fem Simulation Approach 2019
  • Design And Analysis Of Marine Propeller 2019
  • Finite Element Analysis Of Special Purpose Trailer With Steerable Axles 2019
  • Experimental Investigation Of Mechanical Properties And Wear Behaviour Of Additive Manufactured Inconel 718 For Aerospace Applications 2019
  • Analysis Of Ship Propulsion Shaft Line Alignment In Dry Dock And At Various Loading Conditions Of The Vessel 2019
  • Estimation Of Fatigue Life Of Breech Mechanism Of An Artillery Gun 2020
  • Process Parameter Optimization Of Directional Solidification Of Turbine Blades By Numerical Analysis 2020
  • Modelling, Trajectory Simulation And Range Evaluation Of Medium Calibre Ammunition 2020
  • Analytical And Numerical Study To Enhance Armour Penetration By Apfsds Ammunition 2020
  • Analysis Of Corrosion Resistance Of Transom Flange With Electroplated Zn-Al Coating On Mild Steel (Ah-36) 2020
  • Structural Analysis And Topology Optimization Of Sabot Of 125 Mm Pmt Fsapds Ammunition For Attaining Higher Depth Of Penetration (Dop) 2020
  • Musculoskeletal Modelling And Simulation Of Biped Locomotion For Assistive Devices 2020
  • Design An Actuator For Autonomous Assistive Augmented Device 2020
  • Topology Optimization Of Aircraft Wing Fuselage Lug Bracket Attachment 2020
  • A Study On Corrosion Resistance Of Electroless Ni-P Coating For Marine Applications 2020
  • Numerical And Experimental Analysis Of Solid Particle Erosion On Pipe Bends Onboard Naval Ships 2020

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Awards/Scholastic Achievements:

  • Nominated for best paper award at “World Congress on Engineering-2009, London”.
  • Invited to Chair International conference AES-ATEMA-2012-Italy.
  • Listed in the “Who’s who in the World, (2010)
  • Listed in the “ Learned India Educationists Who’s Who” 2017
  • Listed in the “Asian American Who’s Who” 2017
  • Recipient of best paper award International Conference ICRAME 2015-Pune (MS).
  • Invited to Chair International conference AES-ATEMA-2013-Italy.
  • Recipient of best paper award International Conference ICTIEM-2018, Feb 26-27, 2018 at Deogiri Institute of Engineering and Management Studies-Aurangabad.

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