Name Dr Himanshu Sekhar Panda
DesignationAssistant Professor
Highest Qualification M.Tech, Ph.D
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(Brief Description / Abstract) :

Dr. Himanshu Sekhar Panda is currently working as Assistant Professor in Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Defence Research & Development Organization, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India. In this role, he teaches Post-graduate civilian students, tri-services, Scientist/officers of DRDO, and officers of Defence PSU. He leads to different projects and the R&D team, which focuses on developing Energy harvesting storage materials for Defence. The group also collaborates and supports other research groups in DIAT and different R&D organizations, Universities, and Institutions in India and Abroad.

Dr. Panda obtained a Master of Technology in Materials Science and Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India, in 2005. He was awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India, in 2010. He is the recipient of the Best Teacher of the Year Award 2013 from DIAT and the best Ph.D. thesis award from IIT Bombay in 2010.


  • M.Tech, IIT (BHU) Varnashi, 2005
  • Ph.D. IIT Bombay, Mumbai, 2010. 

Professional Experience (Institution, Position and Period):

  • 2009-2001, Researcher-1 in Battelle (MNC), USA
  • 2011-till date, Assistant Professor, DIAT (DU), Pune


Research Domains:

  • Ceramics, Polymers and Nanohybrid Materials for Energy Storage Application
  • Ceramics and Nanocomposites for Energy Harvesting Application
  • Hybrid Materials for Self Cleaning Coating Application
  • Hybrid Materials for Radome Application

Specific Projects:

Research Collaborations:

Ph.D Thesis Supervision:

  • Zinc Oxide Based Dielectric Nanocomposites for Fabrication of Capacitive Pressure Sensors, 2017 Completed.
  • Hybrid Pseudo-Electric Double Layer Capacitive Electrode Materials and Their Applications for Supercapacitor Device. 2018 Completed
  • Development and Characterization of Alkali Niobate Based Lead-Free Piezoceramics for Vibration Energy Harvesting Application, 2020 Completed
  • Lead-Free Piezoelectric Nanofiber Based Nanogenerator for Energy Harvesting and Sensor Application. 2020 Completed

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Research Publications from 2010 to 2020:

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Research Publications:

Journal Articles:

In 2020:

  • Observation of morphology resembling Hydrangea macrophylla flower in SILAR-deposited MFe2O4 (M= Co2+, Ni2+, Mn2+) nanocrystallites: synergetic effect on electrochemical performance, V Kumar, HS Panda, Nanotechnology 31 (41), 415402,2020
  • Enhanced dielectric properties and relaxation behavior in double perovskite-polymer-based flexible 0–3 nanocomposite films, R Aepuru, VM Gaikwad, R Udayabhaskar, HS Panda, MR Viswanathan, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 31 (16), 13477-13486,2020
  • Dopamine-modified Ba 0.85 Ca 0.15 Zr 0.1 Ti 0.9 O 3 ultra-fine fibers/PVDF-HFP composite–based nanogenerator: synergistic effect on output electric signal, KS Chary, V Kumar, CD Prasad, HS Panda, Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, 1-11,2020
  • BaZrO3doping in (Na, K)(Nb, Ta)O3: investigating the phase transformation behaviour, piezoelectric, dielectric, ferroelectric properties and their stability, B Rawal, P Dixit, NN Wathore, B Praveenkumar, HS Panda, Bulletin of Materials Science 43 (1), 1-9,2020
  • Enhancement of electrochemical properties of carbon solution doped bismuth ferrite for supercapacitor application, V Kumar, A Soam, PK Sahoo, HS Panda, Materials Today: Proceedings,, 2020

In  2019:

  • Castling of phases in BaZrO3 doped (Na0.52K0.48)(Nb0.95Sb0.05)O3: Synergistic effect on electrical fatigue, ageing and thermal stability, HS Panda, B Rawal, NN Wathore, B Praveenkumar, Journal of Electroceramics 43 (1-4), 51-63,2019
  • Significant improvement in Curie temperature and piezoelectric properties of BaTiO3 with minimum Pb addition, S Butee, KR Kambale, A Ghorpade, A Halikar, R Gaikwad, H Panda, Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies 7 (4), 407-416, 2019
  • High-energy ball milling of lead-free piezoceramic: influence of milling medium on properties, B Rawal, P Dixit, B Praveenkumar, HS Panda, Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society 55 (3), 729-736, 2019
  • Idiosyncratic behaviour of (Na0.495K0.455Li0.05)(Nb0.95Ta0.05)O3–La2O3 ceramics: Synergistically improved thermal stability, ageing, and fatigue …,B Rawal, NN Wathore, B Praveenkumar, HS Panda, Journal of Advanced Ceramics 8 (1), 79-89, 2019
  • Tailoring the structural, optical and magnetic properties of BiFeO3 multiferroic nanoparticles by Ba, Cr co-doping, A Puhan, B Bhushan, V Kumar, HS Panda, A Priyam, D Das, D Rout, Materials Science and Engineering: B 241, 48-54, 2019

In 2018:

  • Exploring the Carrier Dynamics in Zinc Oxide–Metal Halide-Based Perovskite Nanostructures: Toward Reduced Dielectric Loss and Improved Photocurrent, R Aepuru, S Mondal, N Ghorai, V Kumar, HS Panda, HN Ghosh, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (48), 27273-27283, 2018
  • Morphology-controlled ultrafine BaTiO3-based PVDF–HFP nanocomposite: synergistic effect on dielectric and electro-mechanical properties, V Khiratkar, R Aepuru, HS Panda, Bulletin of Materials Science 41 (4), 107, 2018
  • Freeze-Casting of multifunctional cellular 3D-graphene/Ag nanocomposites: synergistically affect supercapacitor, catalytic, and antibacterial properties, PK Sahoo, N Kumar, S Thiyagarajan, D Thakur, HS Panda, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 6 (6), 7475-7487, 2018
  • Structural and dielectric properties of Ba, Cr co-doped BiFeO3 multiferroic nanoparticles, A Puhan, B Bhushan, V Kumar, HS Panda, D Rout, AIP Conference Proceedings 1953 (1), 030227, 2018
  • Localize current burst in modified carbon nanotube/polyaniline composite fibers mat electrode miniaturized resistance and improved rate capability for solid-state supercapacitor, N Kumar, PK Sahoo, HS Panda, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 29 (9), 7562-7574, 2018
  • Anomalous toluene transport in model segmented polyurethane–urea/clay nanocomposites, SK Rath, J Bahadur, HS Panda, D Sen, TU Patro, S Praveen, M Patri, ..., Soft matter 14 (19), 3870-3881, 2018

In  2017:

  • Effect of donor and acceptor co-doping in (Na0.52 K0.48) (Nb0.95 Sb0.05)O3 lead-free piezoceramic, B Rawal, NN Wathore, B Praveenkumar, HS Panda, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 28 (21), 16426-16432, 2017
  • Enhanced tortuosity for electrolytes in microwave irradiated self-organized carbon-doped Ni/Co hydroxide nanocomposite electrodes with higher Ni/Co atomic ratio and rate …, N Kumar, V Kumar, HS Panda, Nanotechnology 28 (44), 445405, 2017
  • Fabrication of Large Aspect Ratio Ba0.85Ca0.15Zr0.1Ti0.9O3 Superfine Fibers-Based Flexible Nanogenerator Device: Synergistic Effect on Curie Temperature …, KS Chary, HS Panda, CD Prasad, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 56 (37), 10335-10342, 2017
  • Enriched Doping Level and Tuned Fiber Fractal Dimensions in Nonwoven Carbon‐Doped Polyaniline for Efficient Solid‐State Supercapacitors, N Kumar, PK Sahoo, HS Panda, Energy Technology 5 (2), 253-266, 2017
  • Tuning the electro-chemical properties by selectively substituting transition metals on carbon in Ni/Co oxide–carbon composite electrodes for supercapacitor devices, N Kumar, PK Sahoo, HS Panda, New Journal of Chemistry 41 (9), 3562-3573, 2017
  • Nanostructured Nickel-Cobalt Hydroxide Nanoflakes Thin Film Electrodes as High Performance Pseudocapacitor Electrodes, N Kumar, V Kumar, HS Panda, International Conference on Ideas, Impact and Innovation in Mechanical Engineering (ICIIIME 2017) ISSN: 2321-8169, Volume: 5 Issue: 61119–1125, 2017

In  2016:

  • Synthesis and microwave dielectric behavior of (BiPbx)NbO4 ceramics, SP Butee, KR Kambale, S Upadhyay, S Bashaiah, KCJ Raju, H Panda, Journal of Advanced Dielectrics 6 (01), 1650006, 2016
  • Electric-potential-driven pressure-sensing observation in new hollow radial ZnO and their heterostructure with carbon, R Aepuru, HS Panda, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (9), 4813-4823, 2016
  • Schottky barrier tuning in semiconducting ZnO and BaTiO3 hybrid heterostructures shows dielectric and electrical anisotropy, R Aepuru, S Kankash, HS Panda, RSC advances 6 (38), 32272-32285, 2016

In  2015:

  • Ice-templated synthesis of multifunctional three dimensional graphene/noble metal nanocomposites and their mechanical, electrical, catalytic, and electromagnetic shielding …, PK Sahoo, R Aepuru, HS Panda, D Bahadur, Scientific reports 5, 17726, 2015
  • Unique negative permittivity of the pseudo conducting radial zinc oxide-poly (vinylidene fluoride) nanocomposite film: Enhanced dielectric and electromagnetic interference …, R Aepuru, BVB Rao, SN Kale, HS Panda, Materials Chemistry and Physics 167, 61-69, 2015
  • Synthesis and characterization of Ni.Co(OH)2 material for supercapacitor application, PE Lokhande, HS Panda, Synthesis 2 (9), 2015
  • Lithium niobate nanoparticle-coated Y-coupler optical fiber for enhanced electro-optic sensitivity
  • CN Rao, SB Sagar, NG Harshitha, R Aepuru, S Premkumar, HS Panda, ...,Optics letters 40 (4), 491-494, 2015
  • Single-layer graphene-assembled 3D porous carbon composites with PVA and Fe 3 O 4 nano-fillers: an interface-mediated superior dielectric and EMI shielding performance, BVB Rao, P Yadav, R Aepuru, HS Panda, S Ogale, SN Kale, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (28), 18353-18363, 2015
  • Facile synthesis of amorphous Co/Ni hydroxide hierarchical films and the study of their morphology and electrochemical properties, N Kumar, HS Panda, RSC Advances 5 (33), 25676-25683, 2015

In  2014:

  • Adsorption of charge carriers on radial zinc oxide and the study of their stability and dielectric behavior in poly (vinylidene fluoride), R Aepuru, HS Panda, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (33), 18868-18877, 2014
  • New approach to anchor zinc oxide in polyvinylidene fluoride and their dielectric properties, R Rao, R Sukla, PK Sahoo, HS Panda, Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine 6 (2), 166-172,2014

In  2013

  • Studies on the stability and kinetics of drug release of dexamethasone phosphate intercalated layered double hydroxides nanohybrids, PK Sahoo, HS Panda, D Bahadur, Materials Chemistry and Physics 142 (1), 106-112,2013

In 2012

  • Study of the preparation, properties and kinetics of anion release in drug intercalated magnetic nanohybrids, HS Panda, D Bahadur, Materials Research Bulletin 47 (3), 571-579, 2012

In 2011

  • Synthesis and in situ mechanism of nuclei growth of layered double hydroxides, HS Panda, R Srivastava, D Bahadur, Bulletin of Materials Science 34 (7), 1599-1604, 2011
  • Modification of PVC Film and Study the Effect of Glass Transition Temperature and Biocompatibility, N Misra, HS Panda, G Kapusetti, S Jaiswal, S Chooramani Gopal, ..., Journal of Polymer Materials 28 (2), 139, 2011
  • Polyaniline-poly (vinyl alcohol) IPN-composite prepared from potassium dichromate embedded PVA film: a material for humidity sensing application, N Misra, S Bharti, G Kapusetti, DK Upadhyay, S Jaiswal, HS Panda, Indian Journal of Physics 85 (5), 703, 2011
  • Physical and conductivity properties of poly (vinyl chloride) ionomers, N Misra, HS Panda, G Kapusetti, S Jaiswal, S Bhattacharya, Indian Journal of Physics 85 (2), 271-279, 2011

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  • H .S.Panda, R. Srivastava, D. Bahadur “A stable delivery system for statin family drugs” 2093/mum/2008 (Awarded)

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