Name Dr. Ganapati Joshi
DesignationAssistant Professor
Highest Qualification M.Tech, Ph.D
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(Brief Description / Abstract) :

Dr. Ganapati Joshi completed his Ph.D. from the Department of Mechanical Engg, IIT Delhi, and for the past ten years has been working with DIAT as an Assistant Professor. He heads the experimental laboratory at DIAT, and his research focus is on Boundary Layer Instability.


  • Ph.D  in Mechanical Engineering.  IIT Delhi 2014

Professional Experience (Institution, Position and Period):

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering., DIAT, 2011 –  Tile today

Research Domains:

  • Boundary Layer Instability

Specific Projects:

Research Collaborations:

Ph.D Thesis Supervision:

Control of Flare induced Shock – Boundary Layer Interaction using Micro Vortex Generators– T Nilavarsan


M.Tech. Dissertation Supervision:

  • Numerical and experimental study of leading-edge tubercles on propeller performance
  • Effect of sidewalls on the screech of a Linear Plug Nozzle
  • Aerodynamic Study and Orbital Trajectory of a Re-entry Vehicle

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Research Publications from 2010 to 2020:

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Research Publications:

Journal Articles:


  • T. Nilavarasan, Ganapati N. Joshi and Sunil Chandel, “Effect of Gurney Flaps on the Aerodynamic characteristics of NACA 0010 cascades”, International Journal of Turbo and Jet Engines, 2019.


  • T. Nilavarasan, Ganapati N Joshi and Sunil Chandel “Aerodynamic Performance Characteristics of NACA 0010 cascade with Gurney Flaps”,  International Journal of Turbo and Jet Engines, 2018

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Government Funded Projects:

  • An Institute level Research project entitled “Study of Flare Induced Shock-Boundary Layer Interactions” under the Grand-in-Aid scheme of DIAT(DU) at a total cost of Rs. 6,50,000/-.
  • Dr. Ganapati N Joshi, Assistant Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering will function as the Principal Invigilator of the project.
  • A Research project titled “Attenuation of Flowfield Unsteadiness due to Flare Induced Shock\Boundary Layer Interaction using Micro Vortex Generators” under the Guidance of Dr. Ganapati N Joshi, Assistant Professor in Department of Aerospace Engineering, DIAT, and Dr. Shashi Bhushan Verma, Senior Principal Scientist, Experimental Aerodynamics Division, National Aerospace Laboratories at a total cost of Rs. 25,82,679/-.
  •  The project entitled “Development of non-flammable hydrogen using selected inhibitors and study of its lifting abilities (Phase 1.5)” a total cost of 14.27 lakhs by ARDB.

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