Name Dr. CRS Kumar
Highest Qualification M.Tech. MBA, Ph.D
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(Brief Description / Abstract) :

Dr. CRS Kumar joined DIAT (D.U.) as Associate Professor in 2011. He has promoted as Professor in 2018 and presently working in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. DIAT (D.U.) Pune He has received Ph.D., M.Tech., MBA, and B.E. degrees from reputed Universities. His areas of interest are in Cyber Security, Fault-Tolerant Computing, Game Theory, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality. He is a Fellow of IETE, Fellow of Institution of Engineers, Senior Member of IEEE, Chartered Engineer(Institution of Engineers), and Distinguished Visitor Program(DVP) Speaker IEEE Computer Society, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

 Dr. Kumar has worked in leading MNCs such as Philips, Infineon, L&T Infotech in senior positions. He has visited several countries such as Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, USA, U.K., H.K. for work/conference participation. Dr. Kumar published articles in IEEE. He holds a provisional patent on the Secure Mobile Anti-tipping device. Dr. Kumar is a member of the DIAT Academic council, Board of Management( BoM), and AICTE-INAE Steering Committee. He has worked as Head of the Dept of Computer Science and Engineering, DIAT, from 2013 to 2018. He is currently supervising  Ph.D. Students. He is a recipient of awards i.e., “Best Individual for Creating Cyber Security Awareness” at CSI-IT2020 Annual Technology Conference 2017, held at IIT Mumbai and “Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert ( MIEExpert) Project Showcase Award” at Microsoft Edu Days. 



  • B.E, Bangalore University, Bangalore.
  • MBA, SMU
  • M.Tech, IIT Madras
  • Ph.D. University of Melbourne, Australia.

Professional Experience (Institution, Position and Period):

  • DIAT, Professor, 2018- Present
  • DIAT, Associate Professor, 2011-17
  • PESIT, Professor, 2005-2011
  • Project Manager, L&T Infotech,  2002-2005
  • Principal Engineering,  Infineon Technologies,  2000-2002
  • Senior Software Engineer, Philips Software, 1997-2000
  • Graduate  Student, Melbourne University,   1993-1996
  • Engineer, C-DOT,  1991-92

Research Domains:

  • Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality
  • Cyber Security
  • Game Theory
  • Fault Tolerant Computing

Specific Projects:

  • Principal Investigator, “Augmented Reality based Maintenance Trainer for Tejas Fighter Jet”, ERIPR, DRDO.
  • Principal Investogator, “COVID-19 Infection Self Assessment Test”, DIAT Institutional Project on COVID-19.

Research Collaborations:

  • DRDO laboratories: ADA, CAIR, LRDE

Ph.D Thesis Supervision:

  • Dr Tanmoy Hazra.  “Game Theoritic  Selection and Searching of Targets in Grids”.  (Awarded 2019).
  • Dr. Monica Ravishankar. “Game Theory-based approach for Cyber Security and Air Defence Systems” (Awarded 2019).
  •  Dr. Deepti Vidyarthi.  “Malware Detection and characterization based on Intent and Impact” (Awarded 2019).
  •  Dr. (Captain) Soubhagya Roul. “Underwater Sensor Network for Coastal Surveillance” (Awarded 2019).
  • Dr. Selva Balan.  “Advanced Signal Processing and Machine Learning Techniques for Reservoir Bathymentry” (Awarded 2020).

M.Tech. Dissertation Supervision:


  • An Unmanned Intelligent System for Landmine Detection, Minefield Pattern Recognition and Path Clearance: VRISHIK
  • Automatic Change Detection in Satellite Images using Artificial Intelligence
  • Amortization of Anti-Infiltration System (AIOS) using Artificial Intelligence
  • Building Native Application – Analysis for Multi-component Application Deployment
  • Mixed Code Sentiment Analysis and Content Automation for Social Media Analytics
  •  Intelligence and Decision Support System for E-Governance Applications ( iDESS)


  • QR Code-based Smart Document Implementation Using Blockchain and Digital Signature
  • Automated Visual Inspection of Fighter Aircraft Fuselage with Machine Learning Technique
  • Enterprise Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Architecture on OpenStack Cloud with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  • Prediction Maintenance of Diesel Engines using Machine Learning Techniques
  • Speech To Text Recognition using Deep Learning

Summer/Winter Internships From other institutions Supervision:

Other Supervision:

Research Publications from 2010 to 2020:

Books Total Journals Articles Articles published in SCOPUS / Web of Science Index Journals Books Chapter Articles published in the Conference Volumes Registered Patent
2 10 0 0 Print 00; E-version 05 0

Research Publications:


  • CRS Kumar, Psychology of Good Presenter: In Pursuit of Teaching Excellence. Lambert Academic Publishers, 2017. (ISBN: 9783330073142)
  • CRS Kumar, Cyber Security Quiz Book. Amazon Kindle edition, 1998. ASIN: B079BNRHX6,


Journal Articles:

In 2017

  • M. Ravishankar, D. V. Rao and C. R. S. Kumar, "A Game Theoretic Approach to Modeling Jamming Attacks in Delay Tolerant Networks", Defence Science Journal, 67(3), 2017. Pp.282-290.
  • Tanmoy Hazra, Manisha Nene, C. R. S. Kumar, “A Strategic Framework for Searching Mobile Targets Using Mobile Sensors”,Wireless Personal Communications (SCIE journal), Springer, April 2017.( Impact Factor: 0.701)
  • Tanmoy Hazra, C. R. S. Kumar, Manisha Nene, “Modelling and Analysis of Grid-Based Target Searching Problems in a Mobile Sensor Network”, Wireless Personal Communications (SCIE Journal), Springer, April 2017.( Impact Factor: 0.701)
  • Tanmoy Hazra, MJ Nene, CRS Kumar, “A probabilistic approach to compute strategies for players of a search game in bounded space”, CSI Transactions on ICT(Springer), 2017

In 2018

  • M. Ravishankar, D. V. Rao, and C. R. S. Kumar, "A Game-Theoretic Software Test-bed for Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructure", Defence Science Journal, 68(1):54-63, 2018.
  • Selva Balan, C. R. S. Kumar and Swati Padole," Underwater Noise and its Statistical Analysis to Qualify the Signal into Gaussian/Non-Gaussian Category" International Journal of Computer Application, Published in Vol.181, No 27, November 2018.

In 2019

  • M. Selva Balan, K. Balasubramanium, C. R. S. Kumar, Mahesh Ghame, “Towards Sustainable Performance of Reservoir Sedimentation in Aquatic Environment of Katery Lake, Tamilnadu, India", International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (JEST), Springer Nature Publication, 1 April 2019,
  • Soubhagya Roul, CRS Kumar, Arnab Das, “Ambient Noise Estimation in Territorial Waters using AIS data”. Journal of Applied Acoustics, Elsevier (England), Vol 148,  May 2019. pp 375-380.
  • Vidyarthi, D., Damri, G., Rakshit, S., Kumar, C. R.S., & Chansarkar, S. (2019). “Classification of malicious process using high-level activity based dynamic analysis.” Security and Privacy. 2019; e86. DOI: 10.1002/spy2.86
  • Vidyarthi, D., Kumar, C. R. S., Rakshit, S., & Chansarkar, S. “Static Malware Analysis to Identify Ransomware Properties.” International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI), 16(3), 2019. 10-17.  DOI:

Book Chapters:

Conference Papers:

No. of Conference Paper Published with ISBN No.  of  Conference Paper Presented No. of Conference Attended
                                    5                                5                  0

E-Version ( IEEEXplore Database)

  • Vivek Bardia and CRS Kumar, “End Users can Mitigate Zero Day Attacks Faster, IEEE 7th International Advanced Computing Conference,  Hyd India, Jan 2017, (IEEEXplore Database)
  • Abhinav Lal and CRS Kumar, “Hybrid Classifier for increasing Accuracy of Fitness Data Set, IEEE 2nd International Conference for Convergence in Technology( I2CT), Mum India,  April 2017. (IEEEXplore Database)
  • Lt Col S Bhattacharya and  CRS Kumar titled ‘Ransomware: The Cryptovirus Subverting Cloud Security’, ICAMMAET 2017 IEEE conference, Chennai, (IEEEXplore Database)
  • Tanmoy Hazra, M.J. Nene, CRS Kumar, “Optimal Strategies for Searching aMobile Object using Mobile Sensors in a Grid Environment”, 3rdInternational Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems, ICACCS 2016, 22nd-23rdJan 2016, Coimbatore, India. ( to appear in the IEEE Xplore Digital library). (Best Paper Award)
  • Vivek Bardia and CRS Kumar, “ Process Trees and Service Chains can serve us to mitigate Zero-Day Attacks Better”, 2017 International Conference on Data Management, Analytics and Innovation (ICDMAI) Pune, India, Feb 2017, (IEEEXplore Database)

Research/Review Submitted/Under Review:

Any Publications Submitted/Under Review:

Invited Talks:

  • Invited Talk, on CEEE 2013: International Conference on Computers, Electronics and Electrical Engineering,April 27-28, 2013, Mumbai, India. 27.
  • Invited Talk, on ACET 2013: International Conference on Advances in Computers and Electronics Technology, August 3-4, 2013, Hong Kong.
  • Invited Talk on Ransomware: An Overview, Key Note lecture at International Conference  on Cyber Security, Kota, Rajasthan ( organized jointly by RTU and California State University), 12th-13th August 2017


  • A patent application entitled “Secure Mobile Anti-Tapping Device” is filed as Provisional Patent and is under the final examination.

Awards/Scholastic Achievements:

  • Received the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert ( MIEE 2019-20) award ( Fourth year consecutively) Achieved a new record in the most number of Ph.D. theses submissions in a year ( 05) ( appreciation certificate  by India Book of records)
  • Received Hon Doctorate from Los Angeles Development Institute ( LADC), USA
  • Distinguished HOD Award  at TechNext India 2017 at IIT Mumbai
  • Distinguished Associate Professor Award at TechNext India 2017 at IIT Mumbai
  • Best Individual for creating Cyber Security Awareness at CSI IT2020, IIT Mumbai
  • Certified Chartered Engineer from Institution of Engineers(India) 2018
  • Awarded “Best Faculty of the Year” from Computer Society of India Mumbai Chapter during TechNext 2019
  • Selected as IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visitor Program ( DVP) Speaker 2019-2021
  • MIEExpert Project Showcase Award Winner at Microsoft Edu Days, 2018
  • Two IEEE International Conference Best paper awards(  ICETECH 2016, ICACCS 2016)
  • Microsoft Community First Answer Award
  • L&T Infotech Icube award for Innovation
  • Elected Fellow of Institution of Engineers(India)
  • Elected Senior Member, Computer Society of India
  • Life Member, Indian Society for Technical Education(ISTE)
  • Elected Fellow of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers(IETE)
  • Infineon 3i Award for InnovationIEEE Spectrum Interview for ArogyaKshema App
  • Elected Senior Member of IEEE
  • Australian Government Scholarship for PhD studies
  • GATE Scholarship for MTech studies at IIT Madras
  • Award for contribution to quality activities at Philips
  • IEEE Spectrum Interview for ArogyaKshema App

Government Funded Projects:

  • Principal Investigator, “Augmented Reality based Maintenance Trainer for Tejas Fighter Jet”, ERIPR, DRDO.

Any Other:

Other Assignment

  • Co-ordinator, ATAL online FDP on Virtual Reality, October 2020 sponsored by AICTE
  • Oorganized conferences and workshops such as NCSDAQ 2017 (sponsored by DRDO), NCECE 2016 (Sponsored by BEL).  
  • Served as Chairman of  DIAT Datacenter and has contributed to initiating the procurement of Computing equipments and softwares..
  • Served on Audit review boards of leading engineering institutions, promotion board of C-DAC, Recruitment board of IITM, Ph.D. thesis reviewer for Indian and Foreign Universities,
  • Chairman, Technical Evaluation Committee, Core Switches for DIAT Network.
  • External Expert for CWPRS( procurement of Wave rider buoy)