Name Dr. Upasna Singh
DesignationAssistant Professor
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(Brief Description / Abstract) :

Dr. Upasna Singh is working as an Assistant Professor since 2011, in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, DIAT (DU), Pune.


Professional Experience (Institution, Position and Period):

  • 2011: Assistant Professor DIAT (DU), Pune

Research Domains:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Human Activity Recognition
  • Generative Adversarial Networks
  • ·Digital Forensics

Specific Projects:

Research Collaborations:

Ph.D Thesis Supervision:


  • Nitesh K Bharadwaj, “Efficient Analysis Techniques for Storage Drive Forensics”, Feb. 2020
  • Bhupendra Singh, “Approaches for Determining Anti-forensicTechniques using Program Execution Artifacts and Filesystem Metadata”, May 2019
  • Shankar Lal, “Instance based Classification with Incremental Learning for Behavior analysis in network data”, Dec. 2014

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Research Publications from 2010 to 2020:

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Research Publications:

Journal Articles:


  • Manish Garg, Upasna Singh, “C&R Tree based Air Target Classification using Kinematics”, International Journal of Computer & Communication Technology.Vol.  (   ) .
  • Upasna Singh, Om Prakash Pal, Saurabh Khatri, G C Nandi, “Lekhok : Text Writing Mechanism for Hoap-2”,Advanced Materials Research, Vol 403-408 (2012) pp 4696-4702,  


  • Pratik C. Patel, Upasna Singh. “A Novel Classification Model for Data Theft Detection using Advanced Pattern Mining” in Digital Investigation. Vol.   (   ),


  • Raj Kumar Pahade, Bhupendra Singh and Upasna Singh, “A  Survey on Multimedia File Carving”, International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Survey (IJCSES), Vol. 6, No. 6,  pp 27-46, December 2015
  • Pankaj Chaudhary, Upasna Singh, “A Survey on Social Network Analysis for Counter-Terrorism”, International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Vol. 112(9), pp 24-29, February 2015 
  • Singh, Bhupendra, and Upasna Singh. "A forensic insight into Windows 10 Jump Lists." Digital Investigation 17 (2016): 1-13


  • Singh, Bhupendra, and Upasna Singh. "Leveraging the Windows Amcache.hve File in Forensic Investigations." Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law 11.4 (2016):


  • Singh, Bhupendra, and Upasna Singh. "A forensic insight into windows 10 Cortana search." Computers & Security (2017): 142-154. Impact Factor: 2.849


  • Bharadwaj, Nitesh K, and Upasna Singh. “Efficiently searching target data traces in storage devices with region based random sector sampling approach”. Digital Investigation, Vol 24, pp: 128-141, 2018 Impact Factor: 1.774   
  • Singh, Bhupendra, and Upasna Singh. “Program execution analysis in Windows: A study of data sources, their format and comparison of forensic capability”. Computers & Security, Vol. 74,  pp: 94-114, 2018. Impact Factor: 2.849   


  • Bharadwaj N.K., Singh U. An Intelligent Approach for Examining and Detecting Target Data Fragments in Suspected Large Storage Drives, Vol. 2,Iss. 4, pp. e71, Security and Privacy Journal, 2019.DoI:

Book Chapters:



  • Bharadwaj N.K., Singh U. (2018) Acquisition and Analysis of Forensics artifacts from Rasberry Pi and IoT Prototype Platform Recent findings in Intelligent Computing Techniques, Springer Vol. 707, Chapter 32, DoI: 10.1007/978-981-10-8639-7_32
  • Singh B, Singh U. (2019) Forensics Implications of Cortana Application in Windows 10, Recent findings in Intelligent Computing Techniques, Springer Vol. 707, Chapter 7, DoI: 10.1007/978-981-10-8639-7_32


  • Bharadwaj N.K., Singh U. (2017) Differential Evolution Based Significant Data Region Identification on Large Storage Drives. In: Sangaiah A., Abraham A., Siarry P., Sheng M. (Eds) Intelligent Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Computing. Studies in Computational Intelligence, vol 705. Springer, Cham DOI:, Print ISBN978-3-319-53152-6, Online ISBN978-3-319-53153-3

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