Ladies Hostel:

The institute provides fully furnished (including bedding) hostel for single girls. There are about 50 rooms in which maximum two girls reside in each room. Every room contains attached toilet for convenient stay. The facility of water cooler is also available at one of the floor of the hostel.

POINTS Hostel:
POINTS Hostel has three blocks (A,B,C), and having 200 well designed, independent rooms in all. Each room can accommodate two students comfortably. The Hostel is having comfortable, well-maintained dinning facility, well-augmented Gym and recreational facilities. The Hostel is provided with net connectivity and round the clock security arrangements.

Accommodation and mess facilities are available in the POINTS Hostel on payment basis. However, due to very limited rooms in POINTS Hostel, it may or may not be possible to provide POINTS Hostel accommodation to all the students.


For updated rules and regulation : Download PDF

The guiding principle towards the formulation of the rules and regulations for hostelities is to ensure a secure, comfortable and pleasant stay, and to create an environment, which is conducive to learning. In fact, all of our activities are geared towards your development and progress. Any disciplinary measures/ tools are designed to achieve the above objective and must be taken in the spirit. The university will not support any act that is illegal as construed by the law of the land. The university encourages an all round development of students’ personality and their progressive and creative thinking. At the same time, in order that they effectively discharge their responsibilities, the University sets its own terms of conduct that must be adhered to by the students staying in POINTS Hostel. The Institute can take action, if these terms are violated, through different Committees.

Social Conduct

  • Ragging is illegal and punishable in strictest and most exemplary terms as per the ruling of the Supreme Court of India.
  • Possession and use of narcotic substances is illegal. Consumption of alcohol or gambling or is strictly prohibited in the campus / POINTS Hostel campus.
  • In the Hostel premises following are strictly prohibited
  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks/drugs
  • Gambling Intimidation or violation
  • Willful damage to property
  • Entering the Hostel premises in intoxicated state
  • Moving in the colony sector or near the girl’s hostel premises after 2100 hrs.
  • Shouting and using abusing language in their own hostel or in other hostel premises and campus
  • Employing unauthorized person for personal work such as washing cloths, etc.
  • Cooking in room.
  • All the conduct rules that are applicable to the students of POINTS Hostel, conveyed from time to time through the Management Committee/ Wardens, must be complied with.
  • Each student must show due respect and courtesy to the Institute faculty members, administrators, officers, employees, visitors, and residents. They must not infringe upon the rights of fellow students.
  • In the event of proceeding on unscheduled leave on account of illness, family matter, etc, student must inform the Warden, faculty adviser and the concerned Head of the Department.
  • The Institute facilities/amenities such as library, internet, playgrounds, hostels, gymkhana, laboratories and classrooms must be used responsibly. Any willful damage and misuse of the facilities/amenities constitutes an act of indiscipline.
  • In the event of an illegal activity in the POINTS Hostel premises, the university is obligated to permit the police and judiciary intervention.
    In the event of students’ involvement in any activity outside the campus which is punishable by the law of the land, the university shall in no way provide any support to them and will not be responsible either for any action.
  • The Warden shall have the power to reprimand or impose fine or take any other such suitable measure against any resident of the Hostel, who violates the conduct rules. All major acts of indiscipline, which may have serious implications on the general body of students, and which may warrant a uniform and more formalized nature of investigation, shall be handled by the PMMC.


General rules:

  • Parties at hostel: The University management is not in favour of holding any kind of parties in the hostel premises. In case the students need to organize a party at the hostel, they are required to get prior permission from the Registrar through Warden after giving written request in this regard. If the administration allows residents to organize any function, the representative may be asked to provide a written undertaking of good conduct and observing accepted norms of behavior.
  • Students are not supposed to take common rooms / area fitting / furnishing/magazines / newspaper/sport items to their individual rooms.
    Whereas safety and security of furnishing for individual rooms will be the responsibility of the occupant of the particular room, for common areas or any other items(s) provided for entertainment or comfort will be the responsibility of the hostelite as a whole. The on duty Security person will in case of damage to the common area furnishing provided names of the hostelites responsible for causing damage.
  • To ensure security, it is requested that
    Guests are restricted to the lounge area only.
  • Each of the hostelites keeps his/her valuables under lock and key.
  • Valuables or cash other than the one needed for immediate requirement will not be kept at the hostel. Small cash or items of necessity must be kept under the lock and key.
  • Hostilities will neither be allowed to go out of nor to enter after 2300 hrs unless they have prior approval of the hostel warden. In emergency situation, however, this condition can be relaxed. You must, therefore plan in advance purchase of any other items of your use before this time. Cases of the hostelite who fail to abide by security personnel instruction in this regard will be referred for the disciplinary action.
  • The main gate will locked beyond 2300 hrs.
  • For security reasons and to ensure that no unauthorized person enters the hostel premises, entry to hostels will strictly be restricted to the hostilities except for guests during specified hours and administration Representatives. The students must keep their identity cards with them at all times.
  • Male visitors to female block (A) and female visitor to male block (block B & C) are NOT allowed. Blocks A, B and C are the different blocks in POINTS Hostel.
  • Day scholar visiting hostel will be treated as guest to the hostel. Use of hostel as a place of rest by the day scholars is also not permitted.
    All the visitors are required to sign the visitor’s book before entering the hostel.
  • If it is established that an overnight stay by the visitor taken place, the host will be charged Rs. 1,500 /- per night per person as a penalty. In addition, such cases will be referred for the Disciplinary action.
    Visitors will only be restricted to the lounge(s).
  • The use of electrical appliance such as immersion heaters, electric stove/ heaters are not allowed in the rooms. Such appliances, if found will be confiscated and a fine will also be imposed.



Chairman Warden (Boys) Warden (Girls)
Dr. Balasubramanian K
Professor,Dean(Students Affairs),HoD-Mat Sci & EnggPh: 020-24304207
Dr. A A Bazil Raj

Assistant Professor

Ph: 020-24304152

Dr. Upasna Singh

Assistant Professor

Ph: 020-24304134

Bank Account details for Hostel Fees payment:


Bank Name : State Bank of India (SBI)

Bank Account No. : 30389085820

Bank Branch : IAT, Girinagar

IFS Code : SBIN0002155

Application form for Accomodation

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Food Hygiene Service Feedback form

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Mess Rebate form

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Permission regarding hostel room allotment form

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Refund of Mess balance money form

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Refund of security or caution money form

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Hostel Amenities :
Garden , Reading Room, Television Room , Gymnasium

New Gymnasium equipments purchased.

New Mess contract for POINTS Mess. w.e.f. 01 June, 2019